What is Good TV

Good TV is KU band satellite pay TV service. With high quality channels at very good price for only 300 baht. Given more freedom with prepaid pay TV service available right away nationwide. With channels from Next Step that based on making knowledge society.

How Good TV is different from others pay TV service?

We are the first pay TV that given priority to quality content while remain affordable. We have movies, series, documentaries, kids, and every important sport match live in best HD. Also, we choose only channels that matter no junk.

What is different between Good TV and others Free to Air on others satellite?

We are pay TV service that choose only good channels in Best Full HD 1080p including all digital terrestrial channels HD in real HD quality along with exclusive channels that only available through our platform.

What’s channels on Good TV?

Good TV is full of variety of channels including  world class documentaries channels from Next Step, Samrujlok HD, MySci HD, Animal Show HD, KhongDee Thailand HD, and also news channels NHK World and France 24.

Is Good TV being able to watch on 100 inch 4K display?

Yes, is it. And we are so proud to say that we have test it on many screen size 50-100-inch screen on both of Full HD and 4K, with the best clear and crisp picture quality.

Will Good TV can withstand changing of technology in the future?

Good TV is utilizing H.265 HEVC so that we will be able to deliver the best picture quality on both HD and 4K (Need 4K compatibles devices) – HEVC Reviewed by CNET – link

What is H.265 HEVC Technology?

265 HEVC is new compression technology that allow more data while reducing or keeping the same size of file the same. The recent HD file from professional camera without compression would be impossible to deliver to customer.

If I pay for 12 Month what benefit that differ from 1 month or others?

When you pay for 12 Month you will get an extra 1 Month (on 13 Month) and paying for payment fee once (20 Baht) rather than 12 times (120 Baht)

Warranty Time

Good TV has warranty service for receiver box for 12 Monthand for all including accessories inside of box(remote control, HDMI, Power Adapter 12V) will be 7 days after purchasing date and warranty for installation within 90 days.