Special Promotion : Join Good TV and watch Good TV for Free 1 Month

2 Choice

When joining Good TV

  • Join Good TV with all new installation set
    Get Good TV only at 3,590 Baht From full price at 3,990 Baht save 400 Baht. Get new satellite dish with single LNB. Change to satellite receiver box to Good TV HD200 including new cable installation. (Within 20m limit.)


  • Join Good TV with Old satellite dish.
    Get Good TV only at 2,590 Baht From full price at 3,990 Baht save 1,400 Baht. Change LNB and change satellite receiver box to Good TV HD200.


Membership only at 300 Baht a month. (Included VAT and payment fee 341 Baht)


Initial Membership at 2,590 Baht (old dish) or 3,590 Baht (new dish) pay by installment at 0% for 3-month with VISA, Master Card of K-Bank (Make a payment at Next Step Company Limited, Bangkok only)


Multiple Unit

Want more than just one unit we have a solution for you. Please Contact 02 026 3399 


Standard Equipment for installation of Good TV

  1. Good TV HD200 Box
  2. Satellite receiver single LNB
  3. Coaxial Cable up till 20 m for additional cable is cost 20 baht per mete
  4. Satellite dish


  • This price must be install all at once. The price might change in future due to changing price of equipment or others factor that might derive from Good TV standard configuration
  • After sales service 3 times within 3 months after installation.
  • Monthly service fee is 300 Baht (exclude VAT and payment service fee)
  • Channels might be possibly change in the future with further notice by regulation of NBTC.