Multiple Unit

For every multiple unit customer whether apartment, condominium, dormitory, flat, or hotel and resort. That want to become Good TV family.

Today the real estate market is in heat competition. Uniqueness is what driven the sales. To make the most out of your room. Good TV is the pay tv with high quality content that also come in FullHD 1080p, Best quality HD that come along with premium movies, series, quality documentaries, kids, and sports.

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For corporate and government

We believe that learning is happening all around with change in surround environment or good influence around one that will lead to better improvement and potential. We believe that television is what the best source of improvement in everyone.

We believe Good TV will be the nest experience for our customer. We believe that every people must be able to access to good content at more affordable price. With this we believe that Good TV will be good addition for every family and will be a bridge to connecting people together.

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