Having hundreds of channels but doesn’t know what to watch.

Have large TV screen but the picture quality is not good.
Want to watch good channels
but waste money and too expensive
and come with long-term contract.


Revolutionize how you watch TV
Good TV  Change for better things.

Best in HD highest quality
Watch Premium channels from FOX and Next Step at very affordable price
only 300 Baht per month

(exclude VAT and payment fee)


Good TV bring out great potential to your family.

Good TV is a prepaid satellite pay TV.
We work with belief that potential can be augmented
with proper learning by watching Good TV channels.


Good TV revolutionized how you watch TV

Best HD Highest Quality
Digital and pay TV channels receiving
signal directly from satellite that
allowed nationwide reception
with latest technology H.265 HEVC


Premium Movies, Series, Kids and Sports.
Enjoy yourself with popular movies, series,
documentaries, never miss important sport match
and favorite shows for kids.


Value Price
Only 300 Baht
No Expensive, Waste Money
No long-term contract and convergence.
No need internet broadband.
Made a comparison and you will see the different.


Enjoy watching LARGE Screen as you never been before
With latest technology H.265 HEVC made us available to
delivered best HD at highest quality 1080p.
Also help your TV to display every shade of color
using the signal from satellite Intelsat Horizon 2 which is ready nationwide.
With the the latest technology and the team of professional at Intelsat and CAT telecom
we can ensure you will have the best experience.
Good TV the Best for LED and 4K (UHD) 


Watch 4 Theater from Home with FOX

4 World-Class Theater at your home.
Good TV bring you popular movies to your home.
With Best HD all you need only at Good TV.


Channel 44 – Fox Movies HD – Enjoy yourself with New release Hollywood Movies.Prime Time 8pm 

Channel 45 – Fox Action Movies HD – Thrill with Premium Action Movies for all day. Prime Time 9pm  

Channel 46 – Fox Family Movies HD – Movies perfect for family time, fun, safer program for your family. Prime Time 7pm  

Channel 47 – Star Chinese Movies HD – Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese Movies channels.
Prime Time 9.30pm   


Binge Watch.
Same time as the U.S.
No need to download.

Channel 48 – Fox Thai HD – Popular Series Showing the same time as in U.S.  

Channel 49 – Fox Crime HD – Crime and Investigation Series, explore mystery and unveil the truth.  

Channel 51 – Fox Life HD – Comedy & Drama Series also with reality show and popular variety shows. 



Thai and International documentaries,
Best Quality, all in HD 1080p.

Samrujlok HD, Learn what you never know, New experience with international documentary from around the world.  

MySci HD – Think, Explore, Discover. Experience in World of science and Technology 24 hours. 

Animal Show HD – See the Life, Closer than ever, from little kingdom of cute animal to ferocious wild animal.  

Khong Dee Thailand HD – See Thailand in others view, with local documentary indulge in beauty with Thai local filmmakers.  

Thainess TV HD – Explore Thailand with bird eye view. New outlook on many exotic sightseeing.  

Nat Geo Wild HD – Adventure in Wildlife with document from around the world. 

NHK World – Documentary, variety and Japanese culture.

CGTN – Documentaries channel from China.


World Sports
We have important football match and many more in HD.
What best is, No need to top up or pay more.

PPTV – Watch EPL, Bundesliga, Laliga, Calcio Serie A, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super cup, FIFA World Cup, ICC, Female Boxing, Youth Boxing, Tennis Davis Cup etc.

3 Family, 3 SD, 3 HD – FIFA World Cup, Euro, Women Volleyball.

7 HD – Thai football, Futsal (AFC,AFF), Carabao Cup,

MCOT HD – football EFL Championship

Thairath TV – football and futsal Thailand national team

True4U – Thai League, Europa League, UEFA Champions League

One 31 – FIFA World Cup, EFL


Crystal Clear Picture with H.265 HEVC

H.265 HEVC is the latest compression technology that increasing compression rate for more than 30% from H.264 leading to faster signal

With current technology has made the quality much more higher than ever this technology will be future ready for the platform for many years in the future.

Do you know ?
The picture file from professional camera is very high in resolution also made the file size very large, the compression technology made broadcasting possible.


Best HD with the signal directly from Satellite.

No need internet. No need to wait for loading.
Continuing watch without buffering.
Crystal Clear Best HD


Switching English-Thai Audio Only One Press





Super Value only 300 baht
ONE Package ONE Price only for 300 Baht/Month
Give you MORE Freedom because…

No convergence
No long-term contract
No need internet
No return equipment
No penalty


 Good TV help brain development in child.


Human Brain development is foundation for everything. But the greatest chance of learning is from infant to teenage. Every first sign of human brain development starts even before birth until age of 25. Good TV can help brain development in for your child. Start with Good TV for a better life.

0-4 Year developing memorizing and language recognition  Baby TV – Slow moving picture, Musics, and others basic skill that help brain developing in your little child. Baby TV programs is making with advisory from Child Psychologist.

5-8 YearsTeaching moral and kindness

9-12 Years Building their imagination and creativity. Experience excite moment with documentary from around the world.

13-18 Year Start thinking logically. MySci HD Learning and supplement imagination, logically thinking with science and technology.