Good TV give you more value and freedom
no more expensive pay tv
only at 300 baht.

How Good TV help brain development for your children?

  • Fox Action Movies HD – Thrill with Premium Action Movies for all day
  • Fox Movies HD – Enjoy yourself with New release Hollywood Movies.
  • Fox Thai HD – Popular Series Showing the same time as in U.S.
  • Fox Family Movies HD – Movies perfect for family time, fun, safer program for your family.
  • Fox Crime HD – Crime and Investigation Series, explore mystery and unveil the truth.
  • FX HD – Beyond your Imagination with new and awards winning program.
  • Fox Life HD – Comedy & Drama Series also with reality show and popular variety shows.
  • Star Chinese Movies HD – Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese Movies channels

Total Box Office Movies, Movies and Series Binge don’t miss this chance, no more

loading, Best quality HD from Satellite.

Thai and International documentaries,
Best Quality, all in HD 1080p.

  • Samrujlok HD, Learn what you never know, New experience with international documentary from around the world.
  • Animal Show HD – See the Life, Closer than ever, from little kingdom of cute animal to ferocious wild animal.
  • MySci HD – Think, Explore, Discover. Experience in World of science and Technology 24 hours.
  • Khong Dee Thailand HD – See Thailand in others view, with local documentary indulge in beauty with Thai local filmmakers.
  • Thainess TV HD – Explore Thailand with drone. New outlook on many exotic sightseeing.
  • Nat Geo Wild HD – Adventure in Wildlife with document from around the world.
  • NEW18 – Samrujlok Documentary for all day watch.


Receiving signal directly from satellite with best quality in HD 1080p with 30 channels in HD with latest H.265 HEVC technology.

Want to watch good channels, why do you need to have internet, Good TV doesn’t need to Internet, no more buffer, no more loading, want to watching good movies, series no need to waste time searching or downloading any more.


No convergence. No mobile contract. No internet contract. No more long term contract. No entrance fee. No earnest. No equipment rental fees. No penalty when stop using service. No need to return equipment. Want to watch? Easy to continue access, no additional cost.

Good TV give you more. With best value. see the difference before making your decision. Trust in Good TV with international channels from FOX International (World Largest channels provider), Intelsat the world largest satellite operator. CAT Telecom Thailand leading telecommunication company, and Next Step leading content providers in Thailand.


Action Movies and Premium Movies
Best quality HD 1080p only for 300 baht

Watching via satellite.
No need for broadband internet, no more buffering.
Available nationwide.


Are these trouble happened to you?
TV having hundreds of channel, but doesn’t know what to watch?,
Large-screen display but the quality of picture is not good?

Want to watch good channels but too expensive and with long-term contract
Good TV will change the way you watch TV, revolutionized old days of watching TV.
Bring wonderful things to your home. Beautiful, Elegant yet simple.
Best high-quality TV channels at home.
Leading with channels from Next Step.
With movies, series, documentaries, kids, and sports.
Digital TV channels. And lot more varieties of entertainment.
Suitable for everyone.
Safer platform without non-FDA drugs selling, belief channels.
or R-rate channels

Saying Goodbye, for day you will miss any great shot of programs.
With our design team. We pursuit to build simplest remote.
We think, that even design of remote can bring good and happiness to you.
Our remote is built with ease of use, no more many button to remember.
Using high-quality ABS material, our remote is light but more than 35% stronger than
normal plastic.
All wonderful things start at channel 55. Press “5” twice to watch movies, series you love
or press up to watch popular documentaries channels. With just one press to audio
button will switch the language.


Good TV is different.

  • Good TV is different with Best quality HD with newest technology H.265 HEVC Straight from Intelsat Horizon 2 Satellite.
  • Good TV is different because with movies, series, documentaries, kids’ channels or important sports match in Full HD best quality.
  • Good TV is different with value price only for 300 Baht per month. Watch channels you like. No need for expensive or long-term contract any more. No bounding service. No need for the internet. See the different before making your decision.

Good TV, A Pay TV with lots of movies, series, documentaries, kids, and world sports
including all digital TV in HD (Only HD channels)

67 Quality Channels
30 Channels in HD best quality
Having most HD only for 300 Baht

Click here for channels list

Better, save most when join Good TV

Join Good TV with all new installation set
Get Good TV only at 3,590 Baht* save 400 Baht. Get new satellite dish with Duo LNB.nChange to satellite receiver box to Good TV HD200 including new cable installation. (Within 20m limit.) *From full price at 3,990 Baht

Join Good TV with Old satellite dish.
Get Good TV only at 2,590 Baht* save 1,400 Baht. Change LNB to Duo LNB and change satellite receiver box to Good TV HD200.

Membership only at 300 Baht a month. (Included VAT and payment fee 341 Baht)

Initial Membership at 2,590 Baht (old dish) or 3,590 Baht (new dish) pay by installment at 0% for 3-month with VISA, Master Card of K-Bank (Make a payment at Next Step Company Limited, Bangkok only)

To all owner of large screen.
Change now to Good TV.
Cause we got the best HD.

At Good TV.
We believe that only technology alone is not enough.
Or the design of box, wider bandwidth,
Full HD quality that crystal clear or nationwide coverage,
all these is not important compare to experience from the new technology that come with high qualitycontent.

At Good TV.
We believe that inspiration is all around.
We believe that chasing your own dream is good for you.
We believe that taking care of your love one always brings good things.
We believe that potential can be create with proper knowledge.


Freedom. Colorful. Happiness. Good TV

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Good TV a good and affordable pay tv service from Next Step