New 2 Movies Channels

Action and Premium in Best quality HD

At the same price the most value package ever.

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Have many channels,

but don’t know what to watch

Have Large TV screen

but the picture isn’t clear

Want to watch good channels but expensive

Or with long term contract

Good TV will revolutionize Old way to watch TV

Bring good things to home. Easy and simple

Best high-quality TV channels at home.

Leading with channels from Next Step.

With movies, series, documentaries, kids, and sports.

Digital terrestrial channels. With varieties of entertainment.

Perfect for any audience.

You won’t miss any program

with the simplest remote

All entertainment start at channel 55 press it to watch movies, series you love or press u to watch renown documentaries. Just one press to audio button to change language.


Good TV is different.

  • Good TV is different with Best quality HD with newest technology H.265 HEVC Straight from Intelsat Horizon 2 Satellite.
  • Good TV is different because with movies, series, documentaries, kids’ channels or important sports match in Full HD best quality.
  • Good TV is different with value price only for 300 Baht per month. Watch channels you like. No need for expensive or long-term contract any more. No bounding service. No need for the internet. See the different before making your decision.






67 Quality Channels

30 Channels in HD best quality

Having most HD only for 300 Baht


Click here for channels list

Better, save most when join Good TV

Join Good TV with all new installation set

Get Good TV only at 3,590 Baht. From full price at 3,990 Baht save 400 Baht. Get new satellite dish with Duo LNB. Change to satellite receiver box to Good TV HD200 including new cable installation. (Within 20m limit.)


Join Good TV with Old satellite dish.

Get Good TV only at 2,590 Baht. From full price at 3,990 Baht  save 1,400 Baht. Change LNB to Duo LNB and change satellite receiver box to Good TV HD200.


Membership only at 300 Baht a month. (Included VAT and payment fee 341 Baht)


Initial Membership at 2,590 Baht (old dish) or 3,590 Baht (new dish) pay by installment at 0% for 3-month with VISA, Master Card of K-Bank (Make a payment at Next Step Company Limited, Bangkok only)

To all owner of large screen.

Change now to Good TV.

Cause we got the best HD.

At Good TV. We believe
that only technology alone is not enough.
Or the design of box, wider bandwidth, Full HD quality that crystal clear or nationwide coverage, all these is not important compare to experience from the new technology that come with high quality content.


At Good TV. We believe

that inspiration is all around.

We believe that chasing your own dream is good for you.

We believe that taking care of your love one always brings good things.

We believe that potential can be create with proper knowledge.


Freedom. Colorful. Happiness. Good TV

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Good TV a good and affordable pay tv service from Next Step